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    Welcome to ZIFFA!

    Zimbabwe Indigenous Freight Forwarders Association Welcomes you. We are here to advance the common interests of members, who carry on the business of freight forwarding, customs clearing and related services.

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    The Association

    Founded in 1994, the association has members across the country, a significant number being small with no more than two offices nationwide.

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    Membership is open to any company or partnership who is in the business of freight forwarding, customs clearing and related services, and is prepared to commit to assist in the furthering the objectives of the association.


To advance the common interests of members, who carry on the business of freight forwarding, customs clearing and related services.


To deal with matters concerning the welfare and training of members, guard against infringement or curtailment of members' rights or privileges.


To lobby and make representations to any person, body or authority on any matters affecting the collective interest of association members.

To affiliate or co-operate with or subscribe to any association, society or other body within and outside Zimbabwe, provided that such organization or body shares similar objectives as that of the association.

Brief History

The Zimbabwe Indigenous Freight Forwarders Association was established in 1994, in Harare by a group of small indigenous freight forwarding companies. Then, most of these companies were involved mainly in customs clearing. The freight forwarding aspect was done by the much bigger companies who either were multi-national or had contacts at ports of loading and ports of entry into and out of Zimbabwe.

Therefore, this sector comprised mainly of elitist companies established before the advent of Zimbabwe’s independence. To join the existing association required recommendation by at least two current members, who, rightly or wrongly would not recommend new companies to be their competitors. Today, everyone in the industry seeks to engage all stakeholders, in order to facilitate trade and develop the Zimbabwean economy.

Code of Conduct

Every member of the Association shall serve its clients with fidelity and shall conduct its business in a spirit of fairness to clients and fellow members, and shall seek to enhance the reputation of the profession by always discharging its responsibilities with integrity.

Every member shall hold strictly confidential all information relating to the legitimate business affairs of its clients and shall not divulge any such information to a third party save with the express consent of its clients or upon the legitimate demands of the authorities.

No member shall knowingly associate itself with any enterprise or business transaction of a questionable nature, which could bring it into contention with this Code or conflict with the lawful requirements of the Authorities or reflect against the professional standing of the Association. Read More