Applicable to all Members


Every member of the Association shall serve its clients with fidelity and shall conduct its business in a spirit of fairness to clients and fellow members, and shall seek to enhance the reputation of the profession by always discharging its responsibilities with integrity.

Every member shall hold strictly confidential all information relating to the legitimate business affairs of its clients and shall not divulge any such information to a third party save with the express consent of its clients or upon the legitimate demands of the authorities.

No member shall knowingly associate itself with any enterprise or business transaction of a questionable nature, which could bring it into contention with this Code or conflict with the lawful requirements of the Authorities or reflect against the professional standing of the Association.

Every member shall accept the competitive private enterprise system as being the best means of ensuring the good of the community and of maintaining a high standard of service at fair prices.

Every member shall market its services on their own merits and shall refrain from denigrating the services of a fellow member.

Every member shall bring its commitment to this Code of Conduct to the notice of its clients by displaying it prominently in a public area of each of its trading offices. It further undertakes to bring the Code to the notice of its staff, both now and in the future to ensure that commitment to it is maintained.